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Expect more than a wedding film,
expect a great wedding experience.

We produce wedding videos that are indie, elegant and inspired by nature. Visually our films are light and sun-soaked with accents of nature and textures serving as a background to feature all the elements that make your wedding a unique representation of yourselves. Our clients are easy-going folks who embrace modern trends and trust us to provide an experience that is polished, clever and stylish.

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Improve Your Wedding Experience

Whether it’s having a cold bottled water ready for you, carrying your train for you as you walk to the next location or helping you find the perfect vendors before the wedding, we’re here for you. We do more than film your day, we’re here to enhance your wedding experience.

Christa, Head Cinematographer — Photo by Green Vintage Photography

Relax and Enjoy Yourselves

Our approach is calm and intentional, filming moments as they naturally unfold without posing or directing you. For some videographers a wedding is a movie set, but with us, it’s where you can be yourself and enjoy celebrating.

Save Yourself the Wait

We accept a limited number of weddings per year so we can devote our time to you. Receive your sneak peek video in 48 hours, and your films in just 2 to 4 weeks.

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Spend More Time with
Each Other

The rumors are true, your wedding day will fly by, so it’s crucial we’re efficient with your time. Working with your photographers as a team, we capture our footage as they photograph you. This saves you time to enjoy each other at your first look or get right back on the dance floor after sunset photos.

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We accept a limited number of weddings per year. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting bookings for 2021 and 2022.

If you’d like to book photography please contact our partner, Green Vintage Photography.

Additional questions?

Looking to find out how music is selected, how soon you should book, or if raw footage is available?

Check out our well stocked Questions and Answers page to receive fast answers to all of your questions.

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