Tips for Your Wedding Film

High Quality Audio
Your DJ provides us with the best audio from your day. Selecting a reputable DJ ensures the audio for your ceremony and toast speeches is clear, with a continuous feed and no interference or feedback.
Getting Ready
Clothes, bags and food in the background will show in your video, a clean getting ready room removes all distractions. Consider asking your maid of honor and best man to be in charge of keeping a clean getting ready space.
If you or your significant other will be giving each other gifts, please give us a heads up so we can create the right environment to film you as you open your gift.
Please let us know if any special events will be occurring during your ceremony such as a friend or relative speaking or singing.
“Unplugging” is the current trend. In a day and age where we photograph everything on our cell phones, some couples are requesting their guests “unplug” from using cell phones and cameras during the ceremony. It helps your guest be present in the moment and it can actually help your photo and video team provide even better results for you.

Check out this clip from FOX40 on how this can affect your wedding, photos, and film:

Outdoor Weddings: Daylight
Direct sun and mid-day light will create harsh shadows on your face, while mid-day light with overhead trees will create dappled light on your face and clothing.
Outdoor Weddings: Audio
If there are fountains or running water nearby, planes or traffic, these sounds will be picked up in the audio due to the high quality of the microphones. These sounds are often times more noticeable on video than in person and while they can be reduced, technology is limited in editing them out.
Outdoor Weddings: Weather
Temperatures of 90°+ can negatively affect electronic equipment, such as your DJ’s system and your photo and video team’s cameras. Wind will also affect the clarity of audio during your ceremony, which in turn is recorded and is the audio used for your film. Talk with your venue about the optimal time when the light, temperature and weather is at its best.
A well lit reception is key to a beautiful video! Many venues prefer to dimly light your reception to increase their ambiance. Unfortunately many venues do not realize this results in dark and desaturated video as cameras do not have the same wide range of light spectrum as our eyes. Please convey to your wedding coordinator, venue or DJ, the importance of using full house lighting during the events of your reception and save the dim lighting for open dancing later in the evening.
Vendor Team
We are conscientious of your photographers point of view and positioning and we always communicate our game plan with them prior to each event so we can work together as a team. We are motivated by creating the best day possible for you, and in our experience when your photo and video vendors work together, the results of your photos and video are often times improved. We highly appreciate working photographers who are also team oriented and communicative.
Last but not least!
Our approach is to capture your day as it unfolds naturally. Relax, be yourself and enjoy your day!

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