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Jen and Tiffany’s Forest House Lodge Wedding in Forest Hill, California

There were so many reasons we were excited to film Jen and Tiffany’s wedding at Forest House Lodge in Forest Hill. For one, Jen’s wedding gift to Tiffany, was us! Videographers! As the story goes, Tiffany had been wanting videographers so badly, but Jen insisted it just wasn’t in their budget and she was going to have friends GoPro the wedding for them instead. Little did Tiffany know, Jen had hired us back in April! She revealed her surprise to Tiffany during their first look, we snuck up behind them so Tiffany would see us when she turned around. It was so much fun to be a part of the surprise for them!

Another reason we were so excited to film for Jen and Tiffany, is by absolute perfect timing just the day before the Supreme Court granted marriage equality rights nationwide! Not only was it an exciting time for our country, for but for these ladies to get married just the day after, and for us to film for them… it was simply awesome and we were so happy to be a part of the magic!

Jen and Tiffany, we want to thank you so much for having us there, we were so happy to be a part of your surprise and we hope you enjoy your wedding film for years to come!

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Kilee and Genny’s Save the Date Wedding Invitation

Kilee and Genny were so much fun to film during their “Save the Date” for their August wedding at the historic Union Hotel Sierra Retreat in La Porte, CA. Genny went to great lengths to propose to Kilee, after months of failed attempts she finally popped the question on their anniversary last October. I’m so happy for these two to finally tie the knot and make it official this summer!

Congrats Kilee and Genny!

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